went to Dryden, and fun was had

I spent Halloween out in upstate NY with some amazing people for a hugely fun time.  I was on cooking staff with Starving for a couple meals, which was also much fun. We did a pancake breakfast, and a latin/asian fusion lunch complete with much stews, and escabeche.

I didn’t really dress up for Halloween this year, but one party attendee brought buckets of costumery.  I proceeded to muck through the stuff with Casey, and ended up wearing a lot of it… 2 tops, a small hat, and maybe 8 or so skirt pieces. It was a good time, if heavy.


(casey took a pic of me… you should check out her photostream)

I also gave a talk on molluscs, enjoyed other folks’ presentations, and participated in a crazy balloon launch project. Definitely a rejuvenating awesome experience.

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