sketch sketch sketch

So I’ve been trying to get back into the habit of using my sketchbook.  Last month there was a point where I started getting completely overwhelmed and I stopped producing anything useful, plus i was busy.  Definitely hard stuff for me to cope with.I have since jump started the sketching process, gotten a few rough ideas down, have a painting i want to work on, and already ideas in the works for Firefly ticket designs for this year. Huzzah for restorative periods of creativity.  It helps that I’ve been immersing myself in some comics, namely Lucifer, and it’s been tangentially linked to some old ideas of mine.I’ve also been contemplating how to take something like my alphabet book from last spring and apply it to a different sort of deck of cards examining taxonomy.  My goal would be to make non-square cards. It’s delicious imagery to me, though I would need to think hard about things like “back of card printing” and whether i would want to hand-color them or what. I *think* that’s where I’d like to go.Anyhow… last week was also live music galore, with a show on monday night, and anther on thursday. Listening to Faebotica on Thursday inspired a sketch all its own, which has me happy.  Then there’s the little mess of a happy music listener.

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