piecing through paintings

so i am taking part in a couple craft fairs in december, which means i’m trying to amass a pile of stuff to show and sell. i have some origami pieces that are fun.  with any luck i’ll have some sculpey pieces started.Since my small paintings were so successful at the last craft fair, i decided to get started on some new small paintings.  i’m posting my progress here because the final pieces will get stuck in the gallery. i like trying to record progress because it shows me what i’m learning, and if i show it to the world at large, it keeps my clean.I spent the length of an entire dvd of Voyager working on these, so that’s probably a bit over 3 hours.  I consider myself about halfway done over the two, though i clearly have more work to do on the mantis piece.


The mantis is a lot of fun, and inspired by some photos i was looking at of praying mantises, as well as being somewhat steeped in old burlesque photos.


And this is with come of the color layered in.  It’s both exciting and terrifying to layer in colors.The other piece is taken from an older sketchbook image of a star gazer.


So far so good.  I feel comfortable enough with the bunnies that I can just sort of fly on this. I’m making an effort to not outline the subjects this time around, as a way to push me to improve my technique.

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