I haven’t posted since early October.  This isn’t to say that I haven’t had any wonderful thoughts… it is to say that I have been too busy with projects and performances.  I figure it’s about time for a recap since I am at the point where I consider what i need to be doing for the next 2 months.

I need to backtrack a little to September to set the stage for what has been going on.

In an effort to up my proficiency and take advantage of Danimal’s brewing kit, we have made 7 beers. One of them is currently sitting in a fermenter and needs to be moved, but the others are all done.

Towards the end of the month I took part in the annual Urban Country Fair as part of Arts Union. In preparation for that I made a bunch of neat ink and marker illustrations that I put up in my gallery. I got to set up shop next to CaseyG, and I was across the way from Jen Munch, so we had a good time cheering each other on. You can see how much fun I had at the event (thanks for taking the picture Casey!).

I also spent much of the month prepping for the illustrious Honk! festival.  I ended up playing with both Factory Seconds and Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band (ENSMB).  I managed to look grumpy while playing the accordion.  Wonderful time.

That ate up my whole Columbus day weekend, because ENSMB also played at Pronk! down in Providence.  The fun just never stops.

Not long after that ENSMB played at the Lizard Lounge with Bury Me Standing… an eclectic mix of music choices that make me oh-so-happy. I’m sure they’ll be up to lots more fun shows in the coming months, so keep an eye out if you’re in the Northeast.

I also joined ATCs For All to explore small art and get fun stuff in the mail. To that end, most all of my “Artist Trading Cards” are in the gallery as well.

I had a top-secret meeting with my buddy Oz to storyboard a comic we’re working on.  Suffice to say, I expect everyone i know to want a copy, if only to partake in the bizarreness.

After much mayhem and preparation of beer and goodwill, I ended up in Dryden New York for HParty, one of my favorite fall occurrences. Any opportunity to reconvene awesome people to spread awesomeness and joy is awesome and deserves homemade beer, so I brought out 3 homebrews for the occasion. I’m especially proud of a rosemary and lemon infused blonde, and I am excited to tweak that recipe.

I returned to Boston feeling like I’d been smacked with some 2×4’s, because I hadn’t been sleeping much and fall asthma has been creeping up on me.  I still managed to dust myself off and make it to the Dresden Dolls shows at the Wilbur Theater.  ENSMB serenaded the folks waiting in line to enter, and we stormed through the audience between acts. Tons of fun, and running around the city with a new backpack for my accordion makes me ever-so-happy.  Now I just need to bling it out with something tentacle-and-skull-covered and I’ll be all set.

That was followed up by much calligraphy and helping setup and closedown the venue for Beeradvocate’s Belgian Beerfest. I had a great time making sourpuss faces with a lot of sour beers.

My life is a very fun hysterical roller coaster. I love it.

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