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Casey talked me into joining the sketchbook project.  I think the whole thing sounds pretty awesome, though I’m always a bit skeptical about projects that require the artist to “buy in.”  Maybe I’m just cheap?  I went back and forth on the whole thing for a few weeks and finally said “i like the idea of seeing my art out there in a way that i know other people will get to play with it.”  Besides, it’s an excuse to go to New York later on and see my stuff and other people’s stuff.

The books have different themes to them, mine is “In 5 minutes.”  I’m not particularly keeping any significance to that (thus far), except that my ideas are quick impulses and ideas that I don’t think on, I just start drawing.

At this point I’ve been tinkering with the book for a while making simple pencil sketches.  I’ll eventually round them out with some inks and colored pencil, but for the moment it’s all about filling the book and then fleshing it out.  I thought I’d share my progress thus far on some of my more favorite pages.

This is a Honk! inspired page… the first thing i drew (aside from the title page) during Honkfest, actually while in Providence at the PRONK! afterparty.

Lately I’ve been drawn to trying to “round out” my monsters, and put them in situations.  Reading in the park on a fine day and being sickeningly cute…

Then there’s this crazy fun dancing winged monster i drew while at the Lizard Lounge show… he embodies the absolute good time i was having that night.

I liked him so much i decided to try drawing him again… this time inspired by Roadrunner cartoons…

We had a gig at one point at MassArt, and I was kinda bored sitting listening to some traditional music and for some reason felt struck by the urge to draw a dragon more in the vein of detail i was drawn to when i was in high school. I don’t know why, but it was nice to see i can still spit this stuff out, only more polished than when i was 17.

My little monster guys are never far behind (of late).  This was my impression of Danimal getting excited about finding something in a book and reading it… and his lack of admitting the need for glasses means he always looks like he’s trying to climb in the book.

I don’t know why, but I thought the venture brothers would be fun to draw…

Last night i was tempted to, again, draw danimal, since he was sitting all nice and still (a rarity)… I really hate conventionally drawing people, but it seemed like a good chance to practice, and profiles and poofy mohawks are kinda fun to try and capture.

Finally… listening to SomaFM‘s Secret Agent station last night this image popped into my head with this repeated sung high note in Sinclair’s (feat. Cocktail Mood) “La Boutique”, and i just had to get it down…

So far so good.  Sometimes it’s just an idea that strikes, other times it’s things like being at a show.  I’m pretty much just treating this book like any other sketchbook i use, and carrying it around with me and drawing stuff in it.  The only difference is I’m not dissecting and taking out, rather finding ways to add things in.

When I get further along I’ll probably add text as well, but for now it’s all in the visual phase.

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