So sketchy

I’ve had some time to chill out, which has been oh-so-welcome, and has given me a chance to get back into sketches.  There’s something about sitting down with a pencil and paper for me that is like some great meditative peace.

Sunday was just an extravaganza of sketching awesomeness. I hit up Dr. Sketchy’s to draw the beauteous Sarah the Statue.  If you have ever revelled in burlesque or figure drawing, you should try to make this event part of your regimen.

I’ll start off by giving you a peek at my 5 min sketch page of one sassy pirate!

I love the themes and costume changes.  I’m sure I’m going to revisit my bunny sketches and see if I can’t work them into something else later.

I find hilarity to be awesome, which makes the costumery and posing so much fun.

My favorite piece of the day was this 20 min contest sketch incorporating the pose and the theme “Who’s the Boss?”  Since there was such a focus on bunnies, and pets, and stories about the lengths one will go to over a pet… I decided the bunny was definitely in charge.

Sunday was not *just* about Dr. Sketchy.  I also have an ATCsforall swap to work on, so I’m giving you a sneak preview of step 1 of my octopuses in space. Sometimes i love to look at just the pencils before i go and muck it up.

Then, while spending some time chitchatting (I was mostly listening), I kicked out another page for the Sketchbook Project.

It was a very bunny-tentecled day, I guess.

2 thoughts on “So sketchy”

  1. hey lady! hopped from Sarah Paterson’s fb…
    love to see the work i only got a quick peek at day of.

    you-so-talented, very best jojo

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