Impressive stages

I like to think that in my lifetime I have seen some pretty impressive stages.   I love checking stuff out, I love fun and engaging set design, and thanks to Pecan, I have managed to understand the process for some pretty impressive pieces at the Huntington Theater.

Then today my buddy Oz sent me a link that blows everything out of the water.

I know that opera generally has some of the most outstanding sets ever.  I remember checking out Hilary Scott‘s studio and seeing an epic hand used for a production of Faust.

Now I would really like to get to Austria at some point in my life to see the theater on the lake.  The stage set for A Masked Ball from 1999/2000  is just a little too off the hook for me to believe.

A Masked Ball at Bergenz Festival, Austria

A Masked Ball at Bergenz Festival, Austria

I am also impressed by the set for Verdi’s Il Travatore in 2005.

Il Travatore, Bergenz Festival , Austria 2005

Fortress-turned refinery.  Beautiful stuff.  I suggest checking out the History of the Bergenz Festival, where there are images from other productions as well.

It is not that i have no appreciation for simple sets, it’s just that adding that extra layer of art on a visual level can totally change the tone of the experience, and at the almost absurdist level of this lake stage, I can’t entirely begin to imagine how it changes the experience not only visually, but viscerally.

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