Grey Themes

Apparently all i want to do is work in ink and pencil lately.  I tried starting up a piece in acrylic/color and it just fell flat on its face when i got to the focal point of the piece. I’m still really mad about it (and at it)  so I had to set it aside.

I did some rough sketches for a book i want to make, and i’m excited about it, but then i switched to a new sketchbook and for some reason i have it in my head that none of my ideas are good enough.  Sometimes you sit at the sketchbook and nothing HAPPENS.  No doodling, nothing. It’s infuriating. I need to start carrying around some crappy scrap paper to see if that helps.  I can always glue things in later.

It may sound crazy, but sometimes working on material that is disposable means lower stakes and then ideas just flow freely.  I don’t really care so long as *something* manifests.  Doesn’t really matter if it’s on a wrapper if I’m just going to take it as a springboard to make something else.  I find that when I sit with “nice” art matierials I have this stupid tendency to clam up and get intimidated.

I always come back to pens and pencils as a home base. I feel comfortable and work just generally happens in a laid back kind of way.  A good recent example is the gentleman’s pleasure… super rewarding, materials I’m comfortable with, and really quick. Combinging pencils with inks (new for me) helps make more darks, which is helpful.  Pencils can be dreadfully light, and my style is anal and specific, so I spend a lot of time with mechanical pencils.

Over the long weekend I got a piece started (and mostly done) that is really exciting.  I have rough sketches for some marching band cephalopods.  When I finish them, I want to try auctioning them off to help raise money for some of the creative endeavors I’m undertaking this year (even though I can’t afford them).

This is essentially a stylized cuttlefish (Sepia officinalis, to be exact) playing a clarinet and carrying a banner.  I’m pretty happy with him, but the banner needs some work before I’m ready to go in with some water and ink.

Last night i was feeling in a funk and wasn’t in a good place to work on the cuttlefish, but I needed to work on something to recover my mood.  Like I said, I’ve been lacking ideas and will to work on outstanding projects, so I did a random card draw and went with that…

This one was roughs in pencil, then art markets for a grey gradiant.  I still need to go back in with pens to define the pieces, and I want to go back and give the gear more detail.  It’s fuzzy and unclear because there’s no real line definition yet, but I figure a preview was worthwhile anyhow.

I’m still not decided whether i want to digitally add color on these guys or what. Aside from “finishing” the pieces as they stand, i don’t really have a full plan for them at the moment.  I’m enjoying being along for the ride to see where I end up.

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