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There’s been a lot going on for me of late. I apologize for lack of updates.  I went on a trip to San Francisco and Austin. There have been several band gigs, with more to come, and a lot of art preparation.

I am taking part in Somerville Open Studios again this year. If you have a map, I will be #52. My friend Jen Munch will be showing with me again, and I’m pretty pumped over the whole thing. I also recommend toddling down the street to #69 to check out Seth Seligman and Casey G.  Since I’ve been off to so many things, I have a few new pieces to show. I feel like I’ve gotten somewhere in the last year. I get to show off work I had at Arisia, plus things I’ve worked on since then.

I just posted a bunch of pieces I worked on over the weekend in my gallery. This week I’ll select pieces for prints.

I also still have that marching band cuttlefish in progress, though I finished the smaller Ace of Disks. I have another color piece in progress. This one thoroughly frustrated me when I tried to paint in acrylic on wood, but I went back to the drawing board and threw it down on paper. Much easier.

I still want to bring in some penwork on the piece, but I’m just about done.

The big external projects have been characters for Boston Circus Guild’s Reign of Revelry show poster.  That is going to be a blast in June, and folks should try to get out for that. My other big project is a new album design.  That should hopefully be finished soon.

I still have 2 tattoo commission pieces to work on, an outstanding comic project, and 2 zines.  I think I’ll have 1 if not 2 zines by the end of the month, and I should have Oz’s tattoo design done by open studios (I’m only a year behind on that).

In terms of large scale artwork, I have a couple of installations I am trying to get going for Firefly, and I’m really excited to make a few tryptics inspired by dubstep tunes that I’ve really been digging.

Overall… I’m feeling over-inspired. It’s fantastic.


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