warping time reality

I’ve gotten so much done in the last few days that I can’t really believe it.  My new hypothesis is i’m somehow sucking out other people’s productiveness and conquering. If only i could patent whatever this is…

Regardless, I would really like a nap. Instead I will continue with the dayjob and take my lunchbreak to try and recount the awesomeness.

I have mentioned Somerville Open Studios a few times now.  Yesterday my prints came in, so I brought them to my house after work, and cut 5 frames before running off to Cambridge Brewing Company for Meet and Greet.  I found out that I’m a grant recipient for an installation for Firefly, so I get to start work on that puppy.  I met up with someone to collect camp dues from last year, and while waiting I talked to a nice guy from out of town about the local beer scene and gave some pointers.

While sitting there I found out that I won a bid on a new (to me) accordion.  Yes, I have my wondrous awesome beautiful Crucianelli.  The issue is that I need something a little less precious to me for Firefly and Burningman, so I’ve been in the market for another accordion.  While I don’t have them both in hand, I have made an image dedicated to my accordions.  They deserve adoration.

I headed back to my house after that to cut another 4 frames before calling it a night, which means I’ve made 10 custom cardboard frames that just need a little ornamentation.  I have another 14 or so to cut.  Then I went and passed out.

I woke up not too far passed 6 and finished reading Jonathan Lehrer’s How We Decide.  I even wrote a review:

How We DecideHow We Decide by Jonah Lehrer

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
I think this is an excellent example filled overview of a swatch of brain related sciences put together in an exceedingly digestible way. I had fun reading this book, looked forward to getting back to it when set aside, and had fun talking about what I was learning and bantering with other folks over ideas and concepts laid out here. That alone makes it something I’d recommend to others. As with other books, if this were my field I might be frustrated, but as a key down the rabbit hole for science related to thought and decision-making, this book was great.

After that i got dressed and started compiling a mass order for brewing ingredients (for 20 beers).  I almost finished that up, but then it was time to walk to work.  I’ve had a good day thus far churning through outstanding taxonomy problems.

I am starting to feel a bit sleepy, but I’ve been awake a good amount of hours.  The plan is to head home after work and finish up my frames, and start taking stuff down from the walls in the common spaces.   Throw in food and sleeping in the middle there.  Tomorrow is a lot of errands and chauffering until an ENSMB and Bury Me Standing show at the Lizard Lounge.  I’m even loaning out my Crucianelli, so it’ll get more action than me!

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  1. awesome! i am so excited about your new accordion and i am gonna come over & play it before you take it to sand land and abuse it.

    i haven’t seen you in so long i don’t even know what you look like. you are… tall?

    i am tired. see you tomorrow.

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