Illustration Friday: Wings

I’ve been squirreled away working on things and just plain working and not sharing very much here, mostly just keeping up with twitter and facebook because sometimes I’m insular for months at a time.

Fear not, I’ve committed to Somerville Open Studios 2013, and I have a plan for getting some new work out for people to see.  More updates and inspiration as they hit me.

I’ve followed a few friends of mine who participate in Illustration Friday, and I’ve always said “I don’t know if i could commit to that.”  Really the thing i must be thinking is “I can’t consistently come up with something creative to show to other people.”  Performing schedules being what they are, I want to try to do this at least once a month in 2013, so in the end I could at least make a say…. Illustration friday inspirational calendar or something.

This week’s topic is wings, so I took my favorite set of wings and put them down on paper to show the world.

Dumbo Octopus!

Dumbo Octopus!

Do not adjust your set, this is a dumbo octopus, or Grimpoteuthis bathynectes, and I did not make it up at all. If you want moving picture inspiration complete with serene music this video is a must. Those fins totally flap like wings down in the deep dark. I personally can easily imagine them flapping around like that in space.

For my next trick i hope to work up a sketch I started at the Out of the Blue Zombie Romance art party this past Monday at All Asia. I’ve got a good sketch going, but it’s going to need a lot of detailing and cleanup before I’m going to show it to anyone.

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  1. What a totally cool creature. And wonderful style and subtle colors to him. As for worrying about IF, I think most people don’t submit every single week. It’s definitely great illustration practice and inspiration, however often you can manage it.

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