Firefly 2013

I did not actually make it to Firefly this year.  There’s been too much going on, and i seriously just needed time in my own head, and time to spend with my family.  I still designed a ticket this year.  The design prospectus changed from previous years and I had fun playing with the new size dimension.  I also made a conscious decision not to line everything in black, though that is my comfort zone, and I decided to use a lot of color.  Essentially this is about as far out of my comfort zone as I could go and still be me.  I feel like I learned a lot from it and I had fun with it.



For giggles I’m including the other tickets I’ve done over the years. I’ve been going to the event since 2007, and started participating with ticket art once I knew designs were open to the community.


eHawkticket2008.jpg  eHawkTicket2009.jpgFireflyTix2010.jpg  ticket2011.pngfirefly2012ticket.png  

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