The Pineapple King

In case you don’t keep up with me on any of the social networks, I had surgery on Sept 4, and I am sort of laid up until my body and I feel up to being up and about. This means I have some time to dig through some pictures I’ve made and color them up and give you some eye candy.

This was a doodle done during our house D&D game. I tend to sit around and draw in between turns.  I think of this guy as The Pineapple King.  He’s sort of grumpy, has unmanageable hair, and is associated with a fruit whose name makes no sense whatsoever to me. Maybe that’s why he’s grumpy.

I definitely throw the gauntlet if anyone wants to explore this character I would love to draw him in more situations.

pineapplekingWEBThere are a couple of other little nuggets of images digging around in my head that i might give some work time this week. Additionally I’ve picked up another Coursera class “Creativity, Innovation, and Change,” and I may turn that into a jumping pad for a mollusk book that has been sitting on the backburner for ages for me (but I have a hefty handful of nice pencil illustrations).


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