Mustache Love

I covered myself in acrylics this week in order to properly celebrate mustaches and a friend’s birthday.  I have rekindled a habit of sketching during band practice, and when I doodled a cute dragon/dog inspired monster portrait I knew immediately who this was for and what I needed to do with it. I sometimes neglect the ideas in my sketchbooks, but now that I’m working part time at the day job, I’m hoping to take a lot more pieces from step one to step two.  I will probably work an iteration of this painting into prints, but I need to get in there and compensate for the metallic copper paint in the final piece.

I’ve managed to walk through some of my coloring process on this, if that interests folks.  I took a primed piece of wood and laid down the image in pencil, then did some outlines with super thin sharpies, and then started with flat colors.


Next I laid in a dark brown background, and started getting into some shading.  This meant bringing in a tiny bit of dark brown around the nose, and and darkening the edges of the eye design. I had also put in a little dark around the right eyeball here but not the left. I also realized once I did the background that i missed a tiny patch of blue hair.



So I got that hair in the image, and shaped out the hair.  Once I had that all done I decided the ‘stache needed some pretty light whispies. Then I got into the darker browns around the nose, and tried to make those lips behave. Added in some white highlights, and actually laid in white on the eyeballs and fangs.



At this point I could have done more cleanup or laid in more shade, but I opted to “get it done” rather than dwell. Next up was digging into that lettering. Here was my first pass with some nice copper acrylic.



Metallics are a pain in the butt to photograph, but there you go. I decided that I didn’t quite like what this did when I walked around the painting from different angles, so to finish up I went in with a sharpie around the lettering to call it done.



This was a super fun project. I’m not going to get into metallics for print, but if folks out there have strong feelings on colors for the lettering, let me know.

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