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Sometimes I make things, and then I forget to talk about it. Here’s a belated valentine just for you.



I was playing with some plain old crayons on a piece of corrugated cardboard. The corrugated part makes the whole venture a little frustrating, to be honest. I learned that I like paint more on cardboard, so that might be a thing I play with (since I have a huge pile of cardboard I reclaimed).  Crayons are awesome on brown, so i have some flat pieces and brown paper bags that I’ll use for that. I don’t know why but I feel a little more freedom from being overly meticulous, which is great for playing. I love working on pencils, but sometimes I feel like my brain gets in my way there.

This month I took a sculptural metalworking class at Artisan’s Asylum with Ecco, and I had a pretty good time with it. I’m excited to brainstorm up some more things to make, and come up with some additions on my final piece for class.

I learned how to play with MIG welding, spot welding, and cold forming, as well as general ways to cut things up. Look, I can even show you my baby welds from day one!



It’s such a different beast to try to think of work in 3D, and it’s not my forte, but I think there’s a lot of room to feedback into drawing work.  Also, it’s nice to have another medium to explore ideas. Our final project was pretty fun: first we had to draw an animal, then go through the process of building its skeleton using what we learned in class. I drew a few different things, but I am never very far from sea creatures, but goodness gracious, it’s not a cephalopod!


Things that were difficult: figuring out and deciding on angles and curves, deciding sizes of things, not poking myself in the eye while working, and occasionally throwing off the whole sculpture from the table because the welding mask didn’t clear whatever part was in the air when i tried to flip it down. I kept doing that last one over and over again.

I definitely like the idea of balance challenges in work.  I’ll definitely be thinking of that moving forward. I can definitely say my enthusiasm for handbalances is informing a lot of this. I also think that some fun figure frames to place on or in references could be a great tool for some illustration stuff I want to work on, and having some 3D pieces that play on book-type stuff sounds like a pretty rad thing.

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