I’ve been really satisfied with my bats of late, and 3 of the 5 I have are off to new homes. Hooray for bats.  I also recently had a commission for a frog, and I figured I’d share my process of making a custom plushie here.  Fabric is a whole fun set of problems that I don’t deal with on a piece of paper.

I started with some references.

Frog1Essentially I made myself a couple “best of frogs” sheets to get ideas and think about what body features I really like. I did not realize until I did this just how much variability there are in frog eyes. Go amphibians!

From here I took a large piece of paper to quickly draft my pattern.

frog2I draft by hand on paper and cut it out, and use that to trace onto fabric because fabric never plays nice to drawing on it directly, and when I want to figure out a problem later it’s easier to have a reference of what I cut out.  It also means I can re-cut a piece if something happens to the fabric I cut, and heck, it means I could make another frog later if I wanted.

After making some test pieces I realized that my feet were FAR too small, so I had to redraft anything with toes.


I quickly sewed up a foot to make sure it worked, and it was much easier to turn inside out.


I poked around WhileSheNaps and found a great pointer in there for making eyes, and I decided to use that idea since this frog is destined for a child too small for button eyes.Frog5

This frog was momentarily confused and thought it was a snake. Once I got the mouth seated correctly I had fun stuffing things in it.


That’s better. Legs properly attached, toes ready and eyes all bulbous… the only trick here was I wanted to add irises.

frog7Cut up some felt, sewed in the irises, and this not-so-little frog is all done. This amphibian is about a foot long and 16 inches wide. You could probably hide a remote in his mouth. I like how he looks I still might tweak the legs again.  I have a few other fabrics around that might make for some fun frogs, so we’ll see if I have a few more this year for Somerville Open Studios.





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