A Couple’s Happiness


I love drawing my little monsters. They’re fun, expressive, and seem to know how to have a good time. I think of them as a way to try and bring out the trickster in any situation. There’s something about them that makes it easy to imply a sparkle in the eye. This piece was a commission about a relationship, showing how it’s fun, supportive, and loving. Given that the couple in question go to Burning Man, I decided to use Katy Boynton’s “Heartfulness” in the background because it’s such a great image and a great sculpture that captures so much of what love can be.

I try to find other art to be inspired by on a regular basis, though I don’t think that’s just about going to museums. I love art out and about for people to play with and interact with, and that’s part of what makes Burning Man interesting. Bring art outside and to the people! Sculpture parks, summer projects, and events like Figment! There’s art all around us and it’s just a matter of getting out there and finding it.

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