Half Baked Ideas


Brainstorming is a way to throw down a bunch of ideas and see what sticks. In my sketchbook sometimes I just explore an idea and see what happens with it. I don’t know why an animal hospital sketch seemed quite like the thing to do, but bandaging a snake is just the kind of thing that seems unnecessary enough that I wanted to draw it.

Ideas are hard to come by in some ways. I think of sketching the same way that most writers think about writing. You have to do it, you have to exercise that muscle otherwise it’s just too hard to plug into an idea. Still, I would not say that there’s a whole lot of rhyme or reason to what I choose to work with. I love this idea, but I don’t know that you’re going to see me run off and make a book about a wayward snake taken care of by a little monster. I’d love a good snake book, though you might be hard pressed to surpass Crictor byTomi Ungerer.

I do come back to some ideas over time, themes and sketches that resurface. Those are the things I mine to try and develop into a longform story. I do have a few of those up my sleeve, though the snake isn’t one of them.

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