Colored Pencils


I love working in pencils (just greys) and ink. Those are my favorite materials. I’d probably say sharpies on any surface is my follow-up favorite medium, then watercolors. I can have some fun with acrylics, though it can be intimidating. I picked up a small set of colored pencils to stick in my bag to make myself play with color when it came to my sketchbook. As a kid I’d try to smash colored pencils into the page to make them solid like an ink. I was too small to know that I was using the wrong tool for the job. I still find it hard to give colored pencils their due. It’s like a long-conflicted relationship, but I’m trying to give them some space and stop trying to dictate what they can do and instead discover what they have going for them.

I’m happy with the characters here, I was able to give them some depth and shadow (though I am not sure it goes far enough. When it came to the background I was completely at a loss. I just wanted it to look like a snowy grey day, but getting those colors to sit there and do what they’re supposed to is hard!

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