I love pumpkin, and not just in a fall “give me all the pumpkin spice latte!” kind of way. The lovely orange gourd can go anywhere and do anything. Curry, cookies, stir fries, candy, and I have made more than a few beers revelling in pumpkin. I’m not talking about some trumped up cinnamon bomb, I mean actually trying to elevate the actual taste of the pumpkin.

It’s a great little plant growing on a humble vine, hanging out by the dirt and brings me joy in a whole variety of ways. The color on pumpkins are a good push for me with color exploration, so I got back into those colored pencils here. I don’t know why, but I’ve always found color inspiration from the produce section of the supermarket. I was probably trying to find color inspiration from plants, but the most likely place for me to see a variety of plants on the regular is the grocery store. That was the case while I was growing up. You can test me on that, I’m terrible at plant names but fantastic with cooking component names.

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