Elephantine Commission

It’s really fun to try and take what someone wants and turn it into an image. Sometimes things sound easier than they are in practice. I was asked to take the style that I use on my monsters and make an elephant nurse errant. Huzzah! Sure!

Then I got to sketching and I got confused. When you sit around saying to yourself “what is the essence of nurse?” you’ve probably gone too far down the rabbit hole. I debated for ages over whether or not to use clothes. Is a nurse’s hat too hokey? What about the cauduceus which is actually not about medicine except in the US? It’s easy to obsess about every little detail. There are times when that obsession can be the difference between getting started, and walking away to endless image searches, fact checking, and throwing up your hands to go clean the dishes and eat away the indecision.

The next issue was form. Bodies in space are challenging, and I spend a lot of time watching dancers and acrobats move, but honestly none of that looks like an elephant, or the proportions I’d want for something suggesting an elephant. I had a lot of trouble stumbling across a lot of body shaming imagery and posts, and got pretty mad before I finally found some helpful references. After that it was go time. Tie all the elements together, rough in the pencils, check in with the client, then finalize the pencil, add in some light watercolor, and fill back in some more pencil on top. Seal the image and she was good to go. I was excited to hand this one off, and the reaction was priceless.JessicaElephant

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