Sketchbook Exchange

Eons ago my friend Casey told me about the Sketchbook Project. I took part in 2010 and it was a pretty good time. Here’s a link to my sketchbook, of just check out the little sketch below.

look, it's how i see me walking around in the winter.

look, it’s how i see me walking around in the winter.

Since then Casey’s taken off to the west coast with her family, and I’ve missed our late night drawing dates when she lived nearby. I’ve wanted to do a collaborative project with her for ages, but sometimes just staying in touch with people can be hard. In the spirit of doing something for fun and for sharing and for keeping it playful we’ve started a shared sketchbook. It’s a way for us to create an artist’s book together and I get to ogle her art every so often up close and personal, which makes me happy.

The rules are simple: the person who’s up gets a full page spread. You can do whatever you want with it, and use whatever medium you want, but you should carry over some element (however obscure etc) from the previous piece. Once you’re done date it, note what you used, and get it in the mail.

I did my first piece in May, heavily inspired by hearing Cocek Brass Band and Slavic Soul Party. Casey followed that up with an awesome musical animal, and here I have run with the rhinos, so to speak.


This is such a fun project. I’m excited to see what Casey comes back with this time.

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