Collaboration brings with it a sort of accountability and need to push forward with things. I started a collaborative sketchbook with Casey over a year ago, and I’d been sitting on my end of the book for way too long. It’s strange how sometimes something looks really good, or feels intimidating, or inspiration just seems to leave and be intangible. I’ve worked on so many other things in the interim since coming back to the sketchbook, but I finally spent some time looking at it and came up with an idea. The book has been sent back off to California and I can’t wait to see what comes next!

I had so much fun with the pencil rhino based piece, but this time I thought I’d go all in on some color. This piece was done with watercolors and colored pencil, and some guache. Essentially I painted a giant snail (you can find the rather large Achatina in many places in the world, all fairly hot and wet places). I’ve given this Achatina a rather playful centipede friend. I previously did not know that the feather tail centipede existed (Alipes sp.), but what a peacock-like adornment!

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