Coloring Pages

During this time while we’re all home, it might be nice to take some time to yourself and have some fun coloring. Maybe you want to play with crayons, or colored pencils, markers, or watercolors. Have fun with it!

Each image is a printer paper sized .png file. You should be able to print it on a normal sheet of paper, or import it into any drawing program on a tablet to color.

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The Lonely Starling (Coloring Page) (note: click on image for full size. 7.5″x10″)

You might not have paid much attention to the European Starling (Sturnus vulgaris). They’re a bird I forget about until they’re screeching away in my neighborhood or imitating hawk cries. My friend Jen recently reminded me how pretty they are. They’re everywhere in the US, apparently all descended from 100 birds set loose in Central Park (NYC) in the early 1890s. They’re impressive singers and mimics. I love listening to their vocal shenanigans.

While they might seem like a nondescript black bird, with winter white wingtips, the truth is they have this beautiful iridescence. Depending on the light they shine with what seems like every color imaginable. I highly recommend checking out the information on this sassy bird at

I’ve placed this celestial psychedelic bird in my interpretation of the Lonely Galaxy, NGC 1569. This galaxy pumps out new stars faster than most other places around us, and seemed a great visual marker for the lonely time some of us might be in, while the scientific and medical world is on fire with creativity and hard work. Read more about the Lonely Galaxy, and see the Hubble image I worked from.

If you color this one, I’d love to see it! How does it work for you as a coloring image? Send me a picture or tag me on social media (@eveninghawk).

Love and connection
Portrait coloring page, 7.5×10.5″
*note: click on image for full size

Love and connection, I think those are the things we need to have in our lives to make it through everything. Yes, we’re socially distancing. Yes, we may feel isolated. Even within that isolation we need to find love and connection. To ourselves, to our loved ones, to our community.

I made this piece to remind myself that this time is an opportunity to show care, patience, and love to ourselves, whether we want it or not. What’s that thing they say on flights? “In case of emergency, put on your own mask before assisting others.” We have to take care of ourselves emotionally as well as physically if we expect to have the capacity to help others. This was part of the message I received on retreat with Lama Rod Owens on “Liberation through Love.” Some of us may be tempted to bypass ourselves in the rush to take care of others, to support others. We need to shower folks with kindness and care, and it’s worth making sure we are showing that same kindness and care to ourselves.

Look for your own meaning in the image. What does it represent to you? Please let me know what you think.