Making the wonders of the natural world accessible to all by uniting fantasy and realism.

About eHawk (Alana Rivera)

I’ve always had a passion for making art and nerding out about nature. Every Saturday morning as a kid I’d wake up at 6am to draw animals with TV personality Captain Bob. From there my interests only increased, transforming my childhood fear of bugs into a deep fascination with biology and science. Today I share my endless amazement through making comics, coloring books, print designs, and animations with an eye towards conveying the fun and creepy parts of nature.

If my art might fit a project or art piece you’d like, let’s work on a commission! Just drop me an email: ehawk@eveninghawk.com.

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If you’d like to enjoy some music with me, and hear some of my thoughts on stories, listen in at Mixcloud!

Information and requests: ehawk@eveninghawk.com


Somerville, MA