Inspired by the natural world

Mutual Aid

Sea anemones living on a Nassaridae shell, helping and being helped by a hermit crab. A perfect holiday theme.

True Love

Pallid bats eat insects we might find unfun, like this centipede. Seemed a wonderful declaration of love.

Baby Carrot

No one should turn their nose up at ugly produce, and carrot shapes are downright anthropomorphic.

Gas Mask

I drew this in response to water quality issues in Flint Michigan, though gas masks aren’t so effective in water.

The Chef

A local house mouse must have quite the palette compared to their wild counterparts.

Piano tuna

Tuner… tuna…. you get it. Seriously the idea of Thunnus thynnus trying to tune a piano is hilarious to me.


I love land snails, and snails crawling on other snails is adorable.

Bison latifrons

Learned about this amazing American animal on Ologies with Allie Ward. They were massive and worth learning about.

Commissions and Designs

Please contact me if you think my art would look good on your wall or in your project:

2019 Honk!Fest Event Poster
Honk! Fest 2019

t-shirt and poster design

Ray Activation Logo

logo design for an installation

Voyage of the Funknomancer

album art for Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band

Honkin’ Holiday Bash

event poster